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12.14.2022: added a page for links to other cool websites.
12.13.2022: finished onward and caddicarus portals for "my stuff".
12.12.2022: added an "other sites i'm on" portal to "my stuff".
12.9.2022: added web graphics portal to "my stuff".
12.8.2022: began reworking "about me" and "my stuff" pages.
12.7.2022: started adding descriptions/buttons to front page.
12.6.2022: changed my layout to this current one.
10.14.2022: added a "my stuff" page.
10.8.2022: added an "about me" page.
10.4.2022: started putting this site together.

hello stranger! you seem to have stumbled upon my neocities page! if you don't already know me from other sites and endeavors - hi, i'm mel! i'm a 21 y/o junior in college studying graphic design and i love animation, music, writing, and drawing!

please enjoy your stay!