Light Purple Pointer

circa 2005-2010: my tom and jerry era. i literally had those two as imaginary friends when i was really young.
2009-2011: my zimmer twins era. anyone remember zimmer twins? i was hanbanana2.
2011-2014: when i really started geting into animation. TAWOG came out in 2011 and it became my first fandom. i began researching animation and watched a ton of cartoon network and disney channel during this time.
2014-2019: i was 12 years old, and therefore wanting to watch more "big girl" stuff. i got into normalboots/hiddenblock and they were basically my 4*TOWN lmao. i settled on caddicarus because of my playstation heritage. i guess i can also say i had a secondary spin for video game history.
2020-2022: my pixar/onward era. had the time of my life here - onward, both the film and its small-town fandom, felt like it was made especially for me.
late 2022-: caddicarus again...for now i think. traditionally when i lose interest in a 2+ year-lasting spin, i spend a year or so changing through different older interests. i won't know my next big spin until i find it!

hey - thanks for checking out my about page! that means a lot to me!
i'm hannah - but most people on the internet call me mel, which is short for melis. not melissa or melinda. i'm 21 years old, autistic as HELL, and i'm currently a junior in college studying graphic design!
as a young autistic girl, i was always infatuated with web and graphic design. i always wanted to have my own website decked out with blinkies and buttons and all sorts of stuff. but unfortunately, my parents wouldn't let me have a website, and by the time i was able to get on social media, this type of internet experience was being phased out for the same few websites we use every single day. personalization was going away, and i wasn't able to have that old web experience.
...until i found out about neocities, of course!
i began learning HTML and finding out about websites like i was collecting and making my own buttons and stamps and placing them onto my own website. and now i have this wondrous personalized corner of the internet i'm gradually updating as time goes on!
  • animation! i especially love disney and pixar movies, as well as cartoon network and disney shows.

  • i don't play video games as much as i used to (although i'm still very proud of my playstation heritage), but i love learning about the history of them. i love watching video game-focused youtubers and streamers. i was in the normal boots/hidden block fandom in the 2010s...that was certainly a time.

  • pixar's onward is my absolute favorite movie ever. i have a blog dedicated to it on tumblr, i've written a whole season for a fanmade series for it, among other things. and if prompted, i will infodump you on all the lore for the film (and maybe even the fanon lore i've come up with. it's nearly been three years. we are a famished fandom.)

  • i have an encyclopedic knowledge of both iterations of the caddicarus show and the respective channel from 2012 to present day. if you want a history lesson about...pretty much anything caddicarus, i will gladly give you one. i'm a fan from 2014. i've seen hell. (in all seriousness, THE CADDICARUS SHOW MY BELOVED. ESPECIALLY THE 2020'S ONE.)

  • and of course there's my other favorite video-game focused internet things! i ADORE scott the woz. it is the webshow ever, right next to the 2020-present caddicarus show. and i LOVE vinesauce and vargskelethor, they are the only streamers i watch regularly.

  • another youtuber who i LOVE LOVE LOVE is emplemon, whose god-tier video essays are super rewatchable. i don't think i can count how many times i've seen his leafy video.

  • the amazing world of gumball is my favorite cartoon network show. i will throw a hissy fit the likes of which the world has never seen if the movie gets cancelled.

  • i love logos and motion graphics!

  • i have a smaller interest in weather and meteorology that really kicks in during the two tornado seasons that happen in my area.

  • i LOVE cats with all my heart!! i love researching about them. i have three of my own and they mean the world to me.

  • i also love stuff like TV bumpers, commecials and idents. when i was younger i liked creating my own commercial breaks for hypothetical networks like "goanimate network". yes, i used goanimate. i wasn't toxic though. and even when i was 16 i created fake commercial breaks for caddicarus and vinesauce on a hypothetical "screenwave network"! i foresaw scott the woz heading to G4.

  • my favorite genres of music are jazz, funk, R&B, and old-school hip hop/rap. my taste in music clashes so much with my general aesthetic lmao. well i guess j dilla can fit a little bit.