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cool links
these are some links to some cool sites i've come across on my internet travels. have fun!

  • photopea: it's basically free photoshop you can use in a browser.

  • mynoise: a really cool noise machine website. there's all kinds of sounds for any type of mood - if you need to decompress, or if you need background sounds for writing or D&D campaigns, this is a neat place to check out.

  • animation screencaps: screencaps from a whole bunch of animated films! if you're in the fandom for an animated film and if you're looking for a certain type of screencap, it's most likely here. every frame from a film is'll have tons of pages to look through! they're also helpful for studying certain details behind a scene - they're high quality screencaps.

  • online image editor: super cool image editor that i use for making stamps and glitter graphics!

  • blinkies made easy. choose a blinkie you like and add your own text!

  • 88x31 button maker: self-explanatory. make your own buttons super easily!

  • ezgif: one of my LIFELINES. this is where i do all of my gifs - all the other gif-making sites are shit.