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8.21.14: up late with a stomach bug, a 12-year-old mel came across a youtube video titled "THE WORST GAME EVER MADE - caddicarus".
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man, where do i even begin with caddicarus. i've known the channel since 2014 and it's been quite the ride.
the caddicarus show - the 2020 reboot - is among my favorite webshows of all time. the nostalgic and charming - albiet very flawed - original series holds a very special place in my heart for many, many reasons, too many to put on this one page. one of those reasons being that i mostly grew up in a playstation family. just about all of my friends either grew up on nintendo or xbox, and all the comedic game reviewer guys on youtube only talked about nintendo stuff. the caddicarus show was the one webshow i always wanted to see, and i immediately fell in love with it when i came across the dalmatians 3 video one night in august 2014.
both the show and the channel's history became huge special interests of mine. caddicarus was my main fandom and special interest until march 2019. by then, i'd grown tired of the series as i thought it was going down in quality. i was basically on "paid leave" for the next three and a half years - while i was pursuing my next special interest, i was still being updated about changes by fandom friends. so i still knew everything that was happening...i just chose not to watch the new videos.
...until the channel finally hit 1 million subs in august 2022. at that point, there was no choice. i had to come back.
one of the things i deeply regret is not watching the 2020-present videos as they released...because HOLY SHIT they really are as amazing as people say. like, they are hands down the greatest videos caddy ever made.
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