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3.7.2020: saw onward in theaters
3.24.2020: published first onward fanfic
5.11.2020 began writing out ideas for my onward series...
5.20.2021 started mels-magic-emporium and began making many new fandom friends!
8.6.2021 onward: the fanmade series premiered!
3.6.2022 season 1 concluded on the film's 2nd anniversary.
6.2022 started getting artist's block for onward stuff...
8.22.22 life was starting to hit most of the tumblr onward fandom. i started junior year of college!!
8.28.22 created the last thing i ever made in the fandom...two fortnite dancing gifs of the brothers. with actual 3D models in unity. my magnum opus.
11.10.22 wrote my official resignation letter from the fandom. or will this just be a sabbatical? only time will tell.

good morrow quest master!
onward is my favorite pixar film of all time and it was the first special interest i've had in a movie. before it came out, i thought i never would've been able to maintain a years-long special interest for a standalone film, but onward checked enough boxes and came out at the perfect enough time to help me achieve such a feat. for 2 and a half years, i poured all my heart and soul into my fanart and fanfics, among other projects. it was a way of giving my thanks to pixar and dan scanlon for creating such a beautiful, underrated, relatable gem that felt like it was made just for me. i made wonderful online friends in the process, and even wrote a whole season of a fanmade series in script form. i've read what i think is some of the greatest fanfiction ever written. i had the time of my life in this small town-esque fandom, giving love to this film that only deserves more.
after 2 and a half years passed, my special interest began to wane, and i moved onto greener pastures. the major reasons for this were me starting a busy semester in college and the creator of my previous special interest finally hitting a million subscribers (both happened on august 22nd, 2022, funnily enough). but my love for the film is still as strong as ever. even though i'm no longer actively creating or engaging with the onward fandom, i'm still adding this portal to my website out of respect for this film and the work we as a fandom have done to keep its legacy alive. and who knows? i never said i'd be gone from the fandom forever...
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