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most of my time is spent on objectively the best social media platform right now - tumblr, where i run several blogs.
  • aloftmelevar: my main blog! i mostly reblog funny stuff and ramble about random things from time to time.

  • beautifully-lumpy: my blog where i talk about youtubers. i mostly talk about caddicarus on there - the blog name is a combination of the two fandom names we've had throughout the channel's history lol.

  • mels-magic-emporium: my onward blog! at the moment i'm not active in the onward fandom, but the blog will always be up for folks to see.

  • mels-animation-corner: my general animation blog.

  • mels-web-graphics: my web graphics blog! i reblog web graphics and also share my own graphics i've made.

click here to see my youtube channel! at some point in the future i plan to make properly scripted and edited videos about animation, but right now i'm making random videos pertaining to my special interests. i have an onward merch video, a compilation of onward memes i've made, a video of caddicarus jukebox AI extensions, and other random stuff.

click here to see my instagram! i don't post on here as much, but when i do, it's art. i honestly post my art on tumblr the most these days. but i do post a lot on my story - mostly commenting on reels and other posts.

click here to see my ao3 page! it's mostly onward stuff on there. there's also a fun series of AI-generated caddicarus episode scripts.

click here to see my wattpad! i crosspost stuff here from ao3, but admittedly i don't read stories here like i used to. the better stuff is on ao3.

click here to see my letterboxd! i don't watch a whole lot of movies, but most of the ones i've seen are logged here. i sometimes write full reviews, but mostly i stick to witty quips i come up with while watching the film.

online sequencer
click here to see my online sequencer page! i mostly compose covers of various songs, but i've also created some original music - one of those pieces being the theme to my fanmade onward series. there are also some shitposts on there.