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The Ripoff World of Crash Bandicoot Merchandise (7/15/23)

RAHHHHH this episode was so freakin gooooooood. I've already watched it like 3 times. I found it better than the video game commercials episode, which I think I've only watched in full once or twice in the two months since that dropped. But mannn the numbers don't lie, this new episode is a banger.

This month in Caddicarus history...

If a year is left out, that's because no Caddicarus episodes released that month, or because there were no other major developments.
September 2011...The Caddicarus channel was established on September 10th.
September 2012...The episodes on Totally Angelica, Lego Racers, and Slender were released. This was also around the time when The Completionist promoted Caddy's channel, bringing a major wave of subcribers to the channel.
September 2013...Season 3 began with My Top 10 Games That I Like...But No-One Else Does! on the 15th. Later on the 29th, the first collab episode premiered, which was Broken Sword 2 with Scarfulhu.
September 2014...My Top 20 PS1 Soundtracks was released.
September 2015...Caddy moved in with Cerys and the kids during this month. Stanley was also adopted into the family. Caddy recieved his infamous mohawk haircut on September 20th, and on the 27th, My Dream PS All Stars Roster was released.
September 2016...The episodes on Rayman, Miracle Space Race, Top 10 Unpopular Gaming Opinions, and Hercules PS1 were released. On September 7th and 28th, the two Mr. YouTube skits were released in response to the new rules on demonetization and the YouTube Heroes program. They were originally billed as Caddicarus episodes at first but later changed to be Caddy episodes.
September 2017...The Caddicarus episodes on Tarzan PS1, Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time, Ridge Racer, and Doom PS1 were released.
September 2018...The two-part Mega Man series, the Spider-Man PS4 episode, and the episode on Animal Soccer World were released. The Mega Man series in particular experienced delays for both parts, as both videos were getting longer and tedious to produce during production.
September 2019...GARBAGE GAMING OPINIONS and Peppa Pig HAS A MUSIC CAREER were released. The former episode introduced the brick wall background that would go on to become iconic in the 2020s reboot.
September 2020...The Caddicarus YouTooz was released.
September 2021...The Forbidden World of BANNED Games was released on September 10th, the 10th anniversary of the Caddicarus channel's establishment.
September 2022...On the 2nd, yours truly returned to the Caddicarus community after a 3 and a half years hiatus. This was also when the videos for the Collectible World of Caddicarus were supposedly produced, and when the Spyro video began early production.